Returning to Previously Drawn Images

  • I am creating a scribe and I drew an image (a bull) and then I continue with the story, drawing other images. Then to go with the story, I want to go back to the bull without having to draw a new one, how to do make the camera go back to the bull without drawing anything over or around it? 

  • This is not something that is currently supported, you will have to include a new element. If this is something you'd like to see in the future then please submit it to the feature requests forum and if it is popular it may well make it into a future version of VideoScribe.

  • To elaborate on Christopher's answer, it IS possible to get the effect you want by adding an extra element:

    If you add a new element (a "dummy element" that is not meant to be part of the scribe), you can place the dummy element somewhere outside of the visible part of the canvas and you can set the camera position for that dummy element to look at the bull instead of setting it to look at the dummy element.

    In other words, in your timeline you will have something like:
    1) element 1 with the camera set to look at element 1 while it draws
    2) element 2 (a bull) with the camera set to look at element 2 while it draws
    3) element 3 with the camera set to look at element 3 while it draws
    4) element 4 (a dummy element) with the camera set to look at element 2 (a bull) while element 4 is being drawn
    5) element 5... etc

    The dummy element can be any image or text so you might as well use something with a small file size like a simple SVG image from the library.

    Hope that helps,

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