Venn Diagram

  • Hi There, 

    I would like to make two circles, have info in both, then simultaneously move them ) together (with a hand on each circle) to make them into a venn diagram. I've seen VS videos that have two moving parts at once. How is this accomplished?

  • 1) You can move two shapes at once if they are in one SVG being morphed into another SVG

    2) You can move two shapes at once using animated GIFS

    To have hands moving these things at the same time, the hands would need to be in the GIF(s)

    If they don't have to move at the same time, you could move one circle SVG onto the canvas with a videoscribe hand and then move the other circle SVG onto the canvas (to a position that overlaps the first one) with a videoscribe hand... and then color the overlapping area with a third SVG.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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