Improvement List

  • My team and I have compiled a few suggestions for improvements to the VideoScribe product.

    Simple Tools

    - shape creation tools (squares, circles, etc...)

    - text formatting (bold, underline, etc...)

    - image cropping

    Snap to Grid:

    - configurable grid for image alignment

    Animation paths

    - ability to move objects(images) along a path

    - ability to have camera follow animation path (without hacky solutions)

    Timeline (MAJOR) - see "Adobe After Effects Timeline"

    - allows for multiple animations at once

    - allows for enter and exit states of multiple animations

    - allows for more complex animations

    - allows for more complex tools

    - allows for transitions/morphing/etc... of text

    - allows for multiple audio tracks (VERY USEFUL)

    Separate "flip horizontal / vertical buttons" (not important, but useful)

    - makes flipping an object(image) easier

    Take some time to look through, and optimize your coding. For a product so simple (development wise) there shouldn't be so many reports of Freezing and Crashing. Check for recursion within your code, as well as poor coding practice and unmet efficiency standards.

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  • Text alignment and font sizes, super script and subscript should be available.

  • Is there an option to underline a single word and have it transition at a later time?  I can only seem to underline the entire sentence.


    This is a test of underlining while transitioning. (Plays 3 seconds)

    This is a test of underlining while transitioning. (Underlines after 3 seconds)

  • There are a number of line images in the image Library of VideoScribe so you could just have a 3 second pause then position one of those under the word(s) you want underlined. Example attached

  • I like the "Simple Tools" and the "Grid" ... have been already requested I believe.  If I want all that other stuff that turns this into Adobe After Effects (and sometimes I do), I use Adobe After Effects.

  • Simple things like underlining text are so basic that it is hard to believe that I have to search for a line. And when searching for a line it comes up with a bunch of arrows.

    I am using the free trial and will not buy if I can't underline or bold text.

    Please advise

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