Help Needed! Convert scribe file!

  • I've done a short clip for my psychology project and now need to upload it to the online classroom but it won't let me open the scribe file anywhere else! I've tried converting the videoscribe video to powerpoint, facebook, youtube et.c and it still won't work - any help would be appreciated!

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  • Hi,

    a .scribe file is a work file in a format that can only be opened in videoscribe. You cannot convert it to a video or other formats.

    watch the tutorial videos or read the instant answers to learn more about using videoscribe.
    INSTANT ANSWER: how to render-scribes

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • If you are having a problem with publishing your scribe to these platforms, please save the scribe to your online directory, open a support ticket and let us know the name of the scribe in the ticket.