working on a project off line

  • Sorry to be a clutz, but I don't actually understand what I can and can't do off line. How much of my project is stored locally and how much can I do if I switch off the internet signal (I saw the previous discussion about switching it off entirely if there is a poor signal). Will I be able to retrieve new pictures, for example, if I'm not on line?

    Also, I don't understand how 'embed' works. Will I be able to show my video without having an internet connection, by storing it locally on my drive?


  • Hi Alison, thanks for getting in contact.

    As a Pro user, you can use VideoScribe when you do not have an internet connection.

    Please be aware that there is a known issue when in Offline mode, you get the VideoScribe logo on the canvas (this will be fixed in version 2.3.1).

    As long as you have logged in to VideoScribe with the 'Remember me' icon ticked whilst connected to the internet prior to your offline login attempt:

    VideoScribe contains base library images and online library images, the online images will be available to you.

    You will have access to the base library and you will be able to import images from your computer.

    VideoScribe soundtracks are stored online so you will not be able to access these, you will be able to import your own MP3's from your computer.

    Hands are stored online but you will have access to previously used hands and the default hands.

    You will also be able to publish (although at present, it will have the VideoScribe logo).

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