Can't find my .scribe file

  • Hello, I can't find the .scribe file I created. Is this because I am using a trial version?

    2nd question: when I find the scribe file, how do I save it to a video file format?

  • The scribe file will be saved to the default location or the location that you chose. To check this you can go to export the file again and you will see where it is being saved. Alternatively you can search your system for ".scribe" files.

    To render the file to a video you can either publish it to YouTube/Facebook or to Powerpoint on a free trial and you can also convert it into a video on your hard drive with a PRO subscription.

  • Thank you, Christopher.

  • I just received a new computer from my company, and now when I log into  Videoscribe, all of my scribes are gone.  I saved them both to the cloud and locally - the local ones are definitely gone, as they are not a "supported" file during a computer upgrade, but the ones in the cloud also seem to be gone.  Is it because the computer profile is different with the new computer?   I did do a backup just before the computer swap, so I am hoping to find the files there, but if not, is there a way to regain access to the ones that I saved?

  • Hi,
    If you have not saved any scribes on the new computer, just copy the whole videoscribedesktop folder from the old computer to replace the copy on the new one. (if the same version of videoscribe is installed on both, it should probably work.)

    If you saved scribes to the cloud folder (on Sparkol's servers), they would not be affected in any way when you changed computers. Your cloud folder can be accessed from any online computer using videoscribe with your account information.

    If you are using a different account to login to videoscribe... then you are looking in the wrong cloud folder. Check your login info and use the correct account.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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