Positioning elements

  • Hello, I am experimenting with the free trial version. I placed a computer graphic (server) in the top left hand corner with text next to it. Then I imported another server icon and copied it multiple times. Both are in SVG format. But when I hit the play button it whiteboards the server graphic as its original size and the text is expanded and is the only object on the screen and my positioning goes all over the place. Why isn't it whiteboarding the objects in the position and size that I originally determined?

  • The confusion here comes from the way that VideoScribe sets it's cameras up. When you import an image like the server or create text the camera is set by default such that the image/text fills the screen. So the camera that is played when you preview the scribe is this, it is not the view you see when editing the whole project.

    The reason this happens is that usually customers want to view the image in full size but when editing be able to see the scribe as a whole or at least zoomed out. To override this behavior you can use the "Set camera" button in the bottom-right of the edit screen. What this will do is lock the camera to the current view that you see when editing, for the elements you have selected.

    In your case you would do this by holding down "Ctrl" or "Shift" and selecting all the elements you want to change the camera for. Then position the current view how you'd like the camera to look and hit the "Set camera" button.

  • Thanks, Christopher. It's starting to come together now.

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