Blow text off screen

  • Hi there,

    so i'm trying to create an effect whereby some text is written and the next frame a fan is drawn. After this the text from the previous frame is blown off the side of the screen and can no longer be seen. Is this at all possible?

  • It is not possible to move elements off the screen currently, although it is possible to overwrite them, erase them or move the camera to give the illusion of moving out. Additionally if you are using SVGs you can morph to an image off-screen and leave the camera in place behind.

    To overwrite them simply draw a new image (or move it in) over the top of the old image. You can re-arrange the order of the images by dragging them around on the timeline.

    To erase them you can overlay the "scribble" SVG over the top of the image you want to erase. Search the image library for "scribble" and right-click to preview the right one you want to use. I'd also suggest changing the hand to one with an eraser for an even better effect.

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