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    I recently downloaded the VideoScribe Anywhere app on my iPad. I have created a fantastic video and it looks great within the app.

    I wanted to share this with others so downloaded the video through my camera roll, but this changes the quality of the video, and when on a computer screen looks poor quality.

    Apart from re-making the whole thing in the Full Licenced version of the product, is there anyway of improving the quality in the app?

    Many thanks, 
  • If your Anywhere account and Pro membership share the same login information, I believe that you can just save the work file online and then open it from the Pro version account on your computer (without re-making anything) and then render it in HD.

    If your accounts are separate, I believe that you can save the work online from your Anywhere account, login to the website with your Anywhere account on your computer, export the work file as a .scribe file, then import it into your other account..

    Exporting and importing .scribe files is explained on the INSTANT ANSWERS page if you need more detailed instructions.

    feature comparison: compare-videoscribe-licence-features
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike - this is helpful, but the iPad App 'Anywhere' didn't require a login, so I didn't create an account. How can I access these video's on the online account that you refer to?


  • (not videos but work files)

    according to this link:
    when you save your work online from your ipad, you will be asked to login to the sparkol server. Instead of creating a new account, login to your pro account and save your scribe there. Then from your computer, run videoscribe with your pro account and open the scribe from the cloud (online).


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