3418New Version 2.2.4 Sloooow

  • I "upgraded," though in truth I didn't see what it gained me. I just completed a 2-minute scribe, and the program is noticeably slower than the previous version. Windows fade in in fits and starts, saving takes a long time. After a dozen or so images imported, even sizing and rotating takes an exceedingly long time. Long enough that I was waiting for the program to complete a rotate before I could move on. Not good.

    Nothing has changed in my setup: Mac, OS 10.7.5. What can I do?

  • you can uninstall the new version and reinstall one of the previous versions.

    click the "your account" link at the bottom of this page then click "all versions" to see the available versions.

    A regular uninstall will not delete any of your scribes. However, installing an older version MAY prevent you from opening scribes that were saved in a newer version (until you upgrade to a newer version again).

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mark,

    Sorry you have had this issue with the upgrade slowing down.

    This should not happen when you upgrade.

    If you do go and try a previous version, please let us know if you still have this issue.

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