Can't save at all I am a PRO user,

  • Which ever icon I press nothing happens, only option is exit without saving. It's driving me crazy. Previous month was ok, now after renewing subscription not working properly. I need this project SAVED and started new one !!!!!

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  • Hi,

    I'm not familiar with Screenflow so I'm not going to install it to view your 7.5 MB attachment (maybe support will be willing to do that). If you want to upload  screenshots or video, I'll have a look.

    It is unlikely that renewing your subscription would affect your ability to save. The symptom you described could be the result of a memory-related problem due to something like an excessive camera setting or a corrupt element.

    If you delete the last 3 elements, can you save successfully?
  • My bad, I attached video export now. I cant be memory, because opened project in a cloud has only some words animated. Now I had to exit without saving. And start over :/

  • Thanks for the video.

    It IS possible to have a memory related problem (which prevents saving and rendering) using only animated words if they are arranged in a way that results in long fast camera movements OR camera zoom settings that are very low or very high.

    It appears that the scale of your elements along with the positioning of the last 3 or 4 elements, has resulted in excessive camera zoom settings which may have caused your problem. If you had deleted those last 3 or 4 elements, you might have been able to save the scribe or render the video.

    My guess is that if you still have your work, and you click the "show all" icon (diagonal arrows near the lower left side of the canvas), you will see a zoom number of less than 5% and possibly a warning symbol.

    Scaling your images smaller with the same proportionate spacing, and setting new camera positions to match, might solve the problem.

    Other issues can also contribute to the problem, but the issue mentioned above seems likely based on the current evidence provided. However, if the problem continues, support may be able to provide other solutions or suggestions.

    Hope that helps!

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Robert sorry you're having this issue.

    If you're using version 2.2.4 saving should work for you.

    There is a possible scenario where you may have an issue.

    If you have imported a scribe file or downloaded one from your cloud that has not been previously saved in the base folder of the computer you're using, you will need to save it to the Base folder before renaming it.

    After the original save, you can then rename it and the save function should work.

    If it is not possible to save to the base folder without renaming it first (because you may have a different scribe saved there with the same name., please add/change the soundtrack of the scribe and then save it with a different name.

    I have attached a Video to show you what to do.

    Please can you try this and see if it resolves your problem.

    If it does not, please can you detail your steps to replicate this problem (from log) or if you can provide another video starting from the projects screen so we see what is happening.

    If you need to, we can discuss further as a Support ticket

  • esto no esta nada bien...

    el programa presenta muchos problemas, he perdido muchas veces mi trabajo,  

    he tenido en cuenta las recomendaciones de la cámara pero esto estructuralemnte no es el problema, me parece que le hace falta investigación y desarrollo.

    la solución que presentan es mas un truco una maña que una solución de fondo..

    agradezco una respuesta oportuna a mi problema

    de otra parte la versión para el ipad es pésima es una fracaso por que ademas te pide volver a pagar, no existen funciones básicas que en la versión de PC.

    Me parece que VIDEOSCRIBE puede ser una muy buena herramienta, pero le hace falta investigación y desarrollo.

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