• Are scribes compliant with Section 508 accessibility requirements? I'd love to explore the use of this for a government project.


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    We are not familiar with these requirements.

    You can take up a Free 7 day trial to assess the software  and see if it meets these requirements.

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    508 Accessibility requirements apply to the United States and basically refer to accessible material for people with different disabilities.  My question goes onto the same direction, have you guys tested Videoscribe with a screen reader or any assistive technology to see how accessible it is? Is there any documentation on that if the tests were done? 

    Thank you in advance.

  • videoscribe does not automatically add captioning or a descriptive audio track or provide a compatible video player that can support those features.

    I believe that with any form of media, it is usually the person or company creating or providing the video is responsible for adding the features to make it compliant. They are not actually part of the video but add-ons.

    How to make video 508 compliant:
    (more links at bottom of that page)

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  • Mike,

    Thank you for your answer.

  • We have not ever measured ourselves against this criteria and would not therefore say we are compliant. However we feel that we provide options (even if not compliant options) for closed captioning and audio description. There is the ability to write text onto a scribe and also the voice-over functionality. There are ways of erasing text from the screen and writing in the same space again so if you had a lot of audio on one screen you could display things a sentence at a time in text. I am sure there are things we can do to optimise this a bit more for people and if you have any suggestions we would be very interested.

    With regards screen reader compatibility this is something as a team we have never tested so we honestly have no idea how well VideoScribe works in this area. We are a small team here so we can't commit to a complete review however we are going to find a couple of the most popular readers and future design work will be put through these. Therefore over time the product will organically grow to become more user friendly with screen readers. 

    We are also interested in people's feedback in this area so we have created a post in our Ideas and Feature Requests Forum asking for any feedback and suggestions for consideration.