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Mi videoscribe no descargó el sonido

Saludos: Terminé de hacer mi vídeo con mi voz de fondo, lo descargué en Power Point (tardó 30 minutos) pero al abrir el archivo en este programa no tiene sonido. Por favor solicito ayuda

 1) does the sound play when you preview the scribe?

2) does the sound play if you save a video to youtube?

3) if you want customer support to look at your scribe, you may want to save your work online and tell customer support the name of it.

4) customer support works monday through friday during regular UK business hours.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Si, al verlo previamente, reproduce el sonido, pero luego de descargarlo no, incluso, el sonido se acaba de borrar por si solo y se perdió gran parte de mi trabajo :(

Sorry you have this issue, it sounds like if your voiceover is not on the finished video and some of the work is lost then the render did not complete properly.

Can you confirm if you open the scribe file again, all the content is on the scribe file?

Are you able to post it to Youtube?

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