Preferences - Zoom off? Quicker Animation Time? Custom Canvas?

  • I'm still struggling with VS's simple interface - it feel like things are hiding in plain sight, but I can't figure out how to adjust them. 

    Does anyone know how to set up my default preferences so I don't have to keep:

    • manually reducing the animation draw time
    • swapping out the hand image for blank
    • not do that zoom thing at the end

    Also - can you upload your own canvas image? Like, for example, a sketchbook background?

  • Hi Eric,

    We can certainly help you with this.

    Default settings can be adjusted from the Project screen after you log in. Use the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner:

    You can assign the no hand option when you create a new scribe, by selecting it from the hands menu at the top of the canvas.

    This will be the default hand for all elements in the project unless you assign a different to individual elements:

    You can uncheck 'Zoom at end' during preview:

    You can import an image and use it as a background the same way you would import another other image.

    Ensure that this is the first element in the timeline and set Animate, pause and transition times to 0.0.

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