Change Pie Chart Default Colors

  • Hello!

    I'd love to be able to change the colors of the pie chart-- my clients aren't often in the "pink, orange, aqua" color categories.

    If this is already a feature, blame my being new to the product (and not being able to find the answer here). 


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  • Hi Vic,

    Thanks for the idea.

    There is not a feature to change the colours at present, I agree it would be a cool feature to have.

  • How can you have a program that can't change Pie Chart color??

    Changing color is one of the basic functions.

    I'm VERY DISAPOINTED! I feel like i was scamed!

  • Sorry you feel that way Ernesto! If this is something you feel strongly about then don't forget to like the original post, the more likes it has the higher up our to do list it will get.

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