Which Illustrator Version ??

  •  Hi, I am using Illustrator CC but the SVG line always thickens or blurs when I import them into VideoScribe. Would you suggest using an older version of Illustrator to prevent this or are there certain settings that guarantee this wont happen. I have tried everything I can think of - any help would be appreciated.


  •  Hi,

    It is possible to get worse results in creative cloud (than in older versions) if you choose certain options:

    Intersecting lines appear thicker/ lines drawing at half-weight

    CC2015 SVG appears all black

    If you think you are seeing problems that are particular to CC then you could try inscape (free at inkscape.org) or an older version of illustrator to see if there is a difference. However, with all versions of illustrator or inkscape it can be a little tricky to avoid the thickening issue completely: Lines get slightly thicker sometimes but not always.

    If you search through the threads here you may find additional tips (adjusting the SVG size, height/width ratio, stroke weight, import quality...)  to help you make the thickening less noticable.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike for the quick reply, it does seem to be a problem for many others, however I have found using a pencil line of thickness 3 in Illustrator and then changing the default image quality in videoscribe has helped


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