Since FLV export is leaving us in the learch, What about exporting to HTML5?

  • Several programs have changed the output to HTML5 animations. Can this be added to VScribe? You are dropping FLV that is used still in the PC world (remember Apple is trying to control the world and they are still a small marketshare) in the beta version.

    AVI files are large and clunky. It means I now need to use Adobe Media, After effects, Nuke, or some other software to convert to other formats as needed.

  • If you want to keep FLV, my advice is to stick to  an older version unless/until they decide to bring back FLV or provide html5 (if that  is even possible).

    Use the proper feedback channels to provide feedback about the new beta: try-the-videoscribe-2-3-beta-now/

    available videoscribe versions:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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