Time Line

  • Hey! I can't see any differences in the time line. are these just under the hood?

  • The changes to the timeline are mainly bug fixes that improve how zero draw, transition and pause time elements are handled. The changes are mainly 'under the hood' and you wouldn't necessarily notice them.

  • HI. Ilike videoscribe buth time line is not complit. i dont see all time line. what ever i doo still stay like this. 


  •  That's how a new project looks before you add ANY elements to your timeline. You should probably watch some of the tutorial videos on the instant answers page if you need help learning to use videoscribe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  •  If videoscribe is not working correctly, you should raise a ticket to discuss the problem with customer support.

  • I can not use camera options.  why i will upgrade when is not complete!? the time line is under line. see foto.image

  • TM, it looks to me like your system is cropping the bottom of your screen. The icons are there as you can see the top of them, have you tried resizing the window? My best advice is to un install and reinstall, if it’s a bug, the new version will sort it out. Your scribes will all be saved in the cloud for when you log back in, so don’t worry there. Upgrading the version you have won’t incur a charge, once you’ve paid for it (to the best of my knowledge) they’re free upgrades. I can confirm it’s complete and works perfectly. However, I’d love to see a drawing feature if you’re listening, guys!...
  • Hi Andy. i have already reinstall and still the same. resizing the window is not possible. 

  • Hi Andy. Reinstall and now is all ok. Thank you for your suport. 

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