Making the hand touch

  • can you make the finger just touch? Like pushing a app button?

  • 1) add your image containing the app button. set the camera.
    2) add any new image (this will be a dummy image for the hand movement. choose an image with a small file size and a small image size). Set the same camera position
    3) for the dummy image, change the opacity to zero and place it approximately on top of the app button.
    4) with the dummy image selected, select (from that element's options menu) whatever hand you want to use to press the app button for that image. If videoscribe does not provide a hand that you like then you will have to upload your own (see the tutorial on the Instant Answers page of this website).
    5) change the animate type to "move in" for the dummy element with an animate time of about .5 seconds

    preview the animation. adjust the dummy position or other settings as desired.


    Hope that helps,

    Mike(videoscribe user)

  • That works brilliantly! Thanks for the instructions Mike.

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