No undo for "cut"

  • The "Set Camera" and "Cut Object" icons are very close together. I just clicked "Cut" instead of "Set Camera" and the 4 selected items would not reappear with "Undo". Can this be true? What good is "Undo" if it does not undo such critical steps and why are the cut and set buttons so close together anyway?

    Are there keyboard shortcuts for these 2 functions? That might be a little safer depending on what they are.

  • Hi Ray, if you accidentally cut any items, just press paste and they will be restored.

  • That's a very good point I had not thought of. In my tests it does not always work. There seems to be a difference between "Cmd+X" and using the "Cut" button.

    I also am used to programs that differentiate between "Cut" and "Delete". Is there an equivelent to "Delete" in VideoScribe, where the element is not copied to the clipboard?

  • Just realized images also lose their animation settings when they are pasted back into place. Really frustrating.

  • Hi Ray, I cannot replicate this.

    Have cut and copied a few images and set a specific time so I can check this and the time was restored.

    I tried this using the short cut keys and the buttons on VideoScribe.

    Maybe if you can get this scribe to us we can try and replicate it?

    I understand that you are having issue saving online.

    Can you save the scribe file and then use the Export option?

    You can then attach this to a support ticket or link it to us via Dropbox/Google Drive for investigation.

    There is a delete button if your Keyboard has a delete button (not backspace).

  • I did successfully save it online. Thanks for looking into it.

  • Hi Ray,

    I have had a look and can see the animation time stays the same and other properties such as filters etc.

    I can confirm that if your elements were set to Mov in or Morph, they will be reset to Draw is this what you meant by animation settings?

    This is something we are aware of and it is with development team.#

  • Yes it is. This  makes cut and paste almost useless. 

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