A bundle of suggestions from a new user

  • Hi, I've used Videoscribe for a few days now and I've already released my first (really good looking) video. I rate the program 10/10 and it's one of the best purchases I've made in my life. It's a bit buggy but even so, I still rate it to the top.

    I have some suggestions that may improve an already super great product and maybe you would like to consider some of them:

    Side-notes that don't appear in the video

    This could be like post-its that you could put next to an object. This post-it could include the voice-over dialogue or a memo for when you start recording, like a "remember to mention where you got this photo".

    Fade-in and out for objects

    You should be able to make a fade-in transition as an alternative to the drawing animation. This should preferably also include .gifs as when you make a .gif fade in manually by animating it, it just shows up as a white box in Videoscribe due to it being opaque in the first frame already.

    The option to make an object disappear when moving on to the next object

    This could be used to make simple animations. Currently if you want to illustrate a point like this, you need to go through a bit of a detour.

    The option for the camera to follow the illustration

    In my previous project I drew a nerve that went from the brain to a muscle and I would love if I could make the camera follow the nerve as it's drawn, up close.

    I can probably come up with more later on but these are the ones I have right now :)

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