Save Custom Colors

  • Please add a "Custom Color" bar to the "Color" chart. There is currently no way to use a custom color without remembering the code number for it.

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  • Totally Agree!


  • Thanks for voting on this topic.

    Just to clarify this request, do you want to have an option to use a previous selected colour?

    Would this be a previously selected colour from text, image or paper or do you want an option to save a favourite colour to use on an element in your scribe?

  • For me saving a few favorites which can be applied on all color choices would be the best. Maybe the option to define these favorites optional per scribe project could be beneficial to save the company colors of various customers for example.


  • This feature request has been assigned a reference of  SUP-18 and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to figure out how to match text colors to elements on my scribe. For example, the greens to choose from are all light. The green I'm wanting to match is the green dollar sign on the bag of money, which is on the screenshot behind the color pallet... How to I match my text to this? And not only this, but future and past items I've done as well. I don't know how to find out the color code to enter it manually.

    Thank you!

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  • You can enter hex codes into the colour picker and this will allow you to choose from 16,777,216 colours. At the bottom of the colour picker there is a text area containing the colour code. If you enter a different colour code and press enter, the colour will change. (If you are using version 3 of VideoScribe you also need to include the hash symbol with your 6 digit hex code).

  • What about this topic? I haven't found any function like that yet.

  • Will this feature be available any time soon? I notice it was first requested in 2015. My organisation has four brand colours and it's a pain having to type in the hex code for every element, so a 'save custom colors' option would be much appreciated.

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