Timing and Removing Objects/Text

  • Would be great if objects could appear for a set amount of time as well as be erased fully.  I know about the scribble out feature but it doesn't always erase everything, especially when trying to stay in a specific area.  Having objects disappear after a set amount of time would be great too such as circles or rectangles that appear so that they can highlight a certain area or move viewer focus to another area.  I don't need these shapes to remain but rather to highlight objects in the scribe that I am bringing up again. 

    I am happy to send you an example so you can see what I am talking about ;)

    Thank you!

  • You can use morph to change the opacity of an image to zero (transparent).
    It will work best with SVG images consisting only of black stroked paths.

    There are tutorials covering morph and other tools in the INTSANT ANSWERS page if you need more information.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike, most of the highlighting/erasing we are doing is not in black but thank you for your suggestion.  


  • Ah yes, it would be a little trickier with color . Uploading a video might help someone provide a specific solution for you.


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