Audio track in the videscribe

  • Dear Sir,

    i want to ask that is there a audio track or mp3 track in videoscribe for me to edit? Because i should make sure the audio and the pictures could match up together. Thanks.

  • Hi Naiying,

    there are no audio editing facilities in VideoScribe.

    Thye best way to do this would be to import your audio and then edit the timings of your scribe to fit the audio.

  • Why is there no way to edit audio in Videoscribe?  The way it is now, you have to either record the entire voiceover perfectly (no flaws and must match video) or import it from another program and spend a lot of time trying to match things up.  Very cumbersome, primitive, and disappointing.  Are you at least working on this?  If so, when can we expect it.

  • We have always advocated for recording your voice over first as in our experience the flow and speed of those words is more important than the image flow when putting over your message. Therefore record that at a comfortable speed and build your video timings around it rather than build a video and need to talk fast/slow to keep time. 

    We also have built in 3 speed controls with Draw, Pause and Transition into the video making to give a nice flexibility to the video timeline and allow for easy matching to the words.

    In terms of Audio editing it is a very popular request and feel free to make it more popular by voting on the feature request. It's not something that's in the immediate pipeline at this point so I can't give you an expectation of when to expect it but it's on the radar. As you said if you do want to manipulate a recording you would need to use another program and then import this MP3 at the moment. 

    Record a voiceover 

  • Thanks for your reply.  One of the problems with recording the audio first is that you cannot make any changes (edits) later on without redoing the whole thing.  Since audio is a major component to most Videoscribes, I sincerely hope you listen to your users and get this up and running soon.  I understand that it may be difficult from a development point of view, but that should not mean you won't make it happen.  Over the years, I have found that software developers who make things easy and intuitive for the end user, versus doing what is easier from development point of view, are much more successful. I've had plenty of experience with both types.

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