Video does not render at same voiceover and music volumes.

  • I have the music set to a low level so you can hear the voiceover. When I preview it, it sounds perfect. When I render it I can't hear the music at all. I raise the volume and then I can't hear the voice.

  • Hi Michael,

    Sounds like a strange one.

    My advice would be to rename the scribe and save it so this will make a copy of the scribe.

    Ensure you use the ticj button so it is saved to your base folder.

    Once you have done this, delete the music sound track from the copy.

    Now save the scribe and restart the application.

    If you relaunch VideoScribe and open the copy scribe file

    Add the sound track you want and adjust the volume to you requirements.

    Now save this file to the base folder again.

    Can you confirm that the issue remains?

    If so, we may need to look at this scribe.

    If you have not already, please can you save a copy of it to your online/cloud directory.

    Once you have done that, please raise a support ticket and let us know the name of the scribe with a description of the issue and we can investigate it for you.

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