Vertical Green Bar

  • Somehow I had a vertical green line in my video scribe that was doing weird things with the elements that were placed immediately after it. It refused to play the element, and then jumped back to a previous one, and then jumped forward to an elements 2 spaces to the right of the green line.

    I have no idea what this green line is, ( I assume it has something to do with the timeline or looping), how I got it to appear, and how to properly get rid of it. 

    After a while of fiddling, I deleted the element after the green line. That seemed to fix things, after saving, closing and then reopening it. Does anyone know what this vertical green line is for or anything about it?

    I did a search of the community and instant answers and found no reference to green bar.

  • It was probably a glitch resulting from exceeding the maximum memory limit for videoscribe (approx 1.2-1.6 GB)

    Causes can include too many large image file sizes, excessive panning or zooming, too many fonts loaded, very long scribes or a few other issues.

    related thread: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike:

    Thanks a lot for the help! Wow for a glitch, it sure looked good! lol 

    I read over your tips post, and that is very helpful. I will take a look at my SVGs and make sure they are optimized for use in VideoScribe. I will print out the setting info for quick reference. 

    And I have to add that I had NO idea that you could add JPGs and PNGs to Videoscribes. I thought it all had to be SVGs or GIFs! I wonder how I never clued into that!


  • PS. I checked my scribe's memory and it is only 2.2 MB, so not all that big. I wonder if my RAM on my Mac is causing problems. I only have 8 GB of RAM and it's always running at near capacity. 

  • Hi,
    8 GB of RAM should be plenty I think. I only have 4 and I have no issues(knock wood). Videoscribe uses a piece of software that can only use up to about 1.6 GB I think, so if the amount of RAM allocated to videoscribe is close to that much then problems start happening.

    Is 2.2MB just the file size of your scribe file, or is it the actual memory usage while the scribe is open in videoscribe?

    checking memory usage:


    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi,

    The 2.2 MB was just the file size of the scribe file. 

    I checked my memory use of Videoscribe and its using 1.6GB; but I guess is compressing it to 373 MB as compressed memory. 

    I wish I knew what all my processes were so I could kill the ones I don't need running. I have so many running! Some of them must be not needed, but I am scared to damage my computer if I close some that are mission critical. 

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