My image disappear...

  •   When I want to integrate a jpg image in my video, at the begining it's okay. But when I want to place it on the right of the screen, it desappear. I only have the rectangle. Nothing else. I think it's a bug... :(

  • To be more precise : when i scale the image to have a smaller one,  and put it on the right, it disappear.

  • And if i do the same wit one of your image in your image bank, it's the same. So, if it's svg, same problem.

  • Hi Luc, I'm going to turn this post into a support ticket so we can look at it in more detail. Can you upload the offending scribe to your online cloud folder and add the name to the ticket so we can download it and take a look

  • Okay, it's done. The name of the scribe is "changement petit prince" and the problem occurs with the last image.

  • You didn't answer to my question... anything new ? It still doesn't work...

  • Sorry, i didn't see that you had already give me an answer there :     Thank you ! I'll try this.

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