• I'm using windows 7 and the new version 2.3.0

    If I select 3 objects as a group, how do I un-select them. Actually I'm not selecting any objects as a group on purpose -- I must be doing it accidently. I'll have 3 elements selected at once and I can't access the properties of one of the elements. I assume I can't access the property of an element  because I have 3 elements selected as a group.

    So far the only way I can figure out how to un-select them is to save the scribe. I'm sure there is another way but I can't figure it out or find anything on for forum about it.


  • 1) You can click any empty place on the canvas that does not contain and element (including transparent parts of an element or the bounding box of an element).

    2) you can click any unselected image in the timeline to select that element and deselect other elements.

    there are probably other ways too but those are the ones that come to mind.
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike pretty much sums it up!

    We added multiple item selection to allow you to set the camera position on multiple items at the same time... one of the things we hope you will start to see benefit from now you have upgraded from v1.3.26

  • I know this is an ancient thread, but I'm having difficulty "Deselecting" elements in the timeline (3.0.6). Even when deselecting all on the canvas elements remain selectin in the timeline. If I click one element in the timeline, with NO modifier keys pressed, I do NOT deselect others. I think this is a bug. I should not be low on memory because this is not a complex scribe.

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