Need Urgent Opion on 2.X versions

  • I'm having all kinds of issues with the latest version of Videos scribe (2.3.0). Specifically with Hands.

     I was using 1.3.26 but no longer will VS allow me to use.

    Those of you who have been using the 2.x family of Video Scribe, which one did you find worked the best (no bugs). I really need to get work done but because of 2.3.0 bugs I can't.

    I looked at the download area of Sparkol they have listed:

    2.3.0 (buggy -- hand problems)

    Other than 2.3.0, which of the above did you find to be the best one to use (the least bugs)



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  • Dan,

    We have a couple of bugs reported with hands at the moment that our developers are working hard to fix.These are: 

    • Elements after zero draw, pause and transition time elements do not show the custom hand animation
    • Draw hand gets bigger after being used for move in
    They are not 100% consistent so we are investigating the cause and will roll a fix out as soon as it has been developed and tested

    With regards the other versions question people seem to be fairly happy with v2.3 because of the people online in VideoScribe as I type this over 60% are using v2.3. v2.2.4 is by far the 2nd most popular those in terms of usage at the moment.

    Hope that helps!
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