Any way to center text and objects on canvas?

  • I am aware that there is a text centering option, but how about a text and object centering option on the entire canvas. The horizontal and vertical rules don't seem very useful. Any workarounds on this?


  • You can get any element centered on the canvas by ensuring it does not have any saved camera position and then double clicking on it on the timeline.  This will bring it to full zoom size and centralise it on the canvas. you can then zoom in/out from that point using the +/- buttons or the mouse scroll wheel if you have one to get the size you want but the image/rext will remain central. once your happy just save the camera position and when your scribe is played that's where the camera will be. 

  • and how do I center one image in relation to another?

  • if you are making multiple SVG that need to align perfectly:

    if it doesn't need to be precise then just move them around and scale them until they look good.

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