I cannot convert the project into a video.

  • Hi, I have the trial version and I finish a project but I cannot make the video version. I used the youtube uploading but when the second part of the process is finishing, the result is an error in the uploading. I need it! It is the presentation of my final project for a Master. It is URGENT!! I need your help, I don't know what happens. Thanks,

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  • The most common issues for customers that cannot upload their scribes to YouTube are covered in this Instant Answer. Have you seen this yet?

    If you go through the steps here and still have issues you can save your scribe to the online area within VideoScribe and send us the name. We can then download it and see if we can work out what's wrong.

  • Hi! This problem was solved because I readed that I have to verife it. I did it, and the problem about the connetion don't appear again. However, the new problem is when I have to allow to videoscribe to control my videos, I cannot click on allow and anything in the windows that appears. So, I need your help. I tried it so many times and always happening the same. I have the file uploaded in the cloud. The title is "tfm". If you can help me to convert into a video, I will be grateful. Thank you. 

  • Ana, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "However, the new problem is when I have to allow to videoscribe to control my videos, I cannot click on allow and anything in the windows that appears". Can you send me a screenshot of the window you are talking about and a description what you are trying to do in that window that you can't.

  • Hi! I have tried to do it again to make a screenshot. However, it hasn´t appeared again. Everything was ok until  the video was uploading, and the error about the internet conexion has appeared one more time. All of my webpages and other things that use internet work well, so it is not a conexion problem. I did it the intructions that I read in the solutions of your web, and now I don't understand why this message appears again. I need to solve the problem, It is so important for me. I have been spending a lot of time on it, and I cannot repeat again with another program. I will be thankful if you can do something for me. I need the video, and my trial finishes in 3 days I think. Please, can youdo it something? Thank you very much. 

  • I want to save my video. It starts generating it and then it keeps waiting and doesn´t generate the video. I don´t know what to do, i tried different format and qualities. I need it for an open presentation in the university next twesday and I am driving myself crazy over it.

  • Ana - If you export and attach your scribe to the forum or save it online and send me the name I can download it and take a look for you to see if I can render/upload successfully. Don't worry though, whatever happens we will extend your trial until you have you video in a format you can use. 

    Vanina, As a Pro user who's had an account I am going to assume you have rendered a few videos before and that you are just following the same steps. I can see you have raised a support ticket so if you could attach the offending scribe to that ticket or save it online and send us the name we can take a look. We can probably just render it for you and send you a download link so let us know what your ideal format is as well.

  • Hi!,the name of my scribe is "tfm". It is saved online in te cloud I think. I want to have it in youtube to download it or if you can create the video for me the ideal format will be avi., mpg, or also the windows video format. Thanks a lot :) 

  • OK Ana, I will download that now and take a look. I will try and upload it to our Test YouTube account and then can post a link here so you can view/use it. I'll let you know how I get on.

  • Ana, I left that upload running while I was away on lunch and returned to a message that it had completed and uploaded. Didn't have any issues at all and has appeared on our YouTube page. Have made it unlisted so you need a direct link to find it but you can access it from https://youtu.be/34PurIH0cyE

  • Thank you very much!! :)

  • hello

    i try do download to avi wmv

    it takes for ever and after the render is complete the box with that information stays on and nothing hapens,

    i tryed to see the vídeo were i download it (desktop) and nothing apears

  • Anabela, I'll log a support ticket for you as we'll need to see the project to identify the issue.

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