Marker and Block fonts discontinued - Work-around

  • I have an ongoing video series started using VideoScribe 1 which utilizes the 'Marker' and 'Block' fonts extensively. As yoi may know, these fonts were discontinued in VideoScribe 2, and they are not available as TrueType fonts, so we can't use them in VideoScribe 2. I've done an exhaustive search for a font that resembles these fonts, but have found none that match close enough to maintain the look-and-feel of my video series. Because of this, I can't upgrade to VideoScribe 2 and still work on my old videos. I've been using a second computer running a copy of VideoScribe 1 to edit my video series which requires the Marker and Block fonts. But this solution ceased to work when Sparkol discontinued VideoScribe 1 on August 30, 2015. I couldn't even start the application anymore. It hung up while checking fro updates.

    I've opened multiple Help Tickets with VisdeoScribe Help Desk on this issue. The only "help" they offered was to use a different font. They suggested 'ITC Bradley Hand' and 'Note this'. While these are similar, they don't match the Marker font. and I haven't found anything even close the Block font.

    Then I discovered a work-around. If I simply disconnect my secondary computer (the one running VS1)  from the Internet. Then restart VideoScribe 1. As it starts up, it presents me with a dialog asking if I want to start the application offline. I chose 'yes' and it launches. Then I can edit and render the videos in VideoScribe 1 using the Marker and Block font. It's a little circuitous, but it works.

    What we really need is a TrueType version of the Marker and Block fonts, so we can continue using those fonts in VideoScribe 2, right?

  • Joe, I would raise 'Bring back Marker and Block' as a forum in our Ideas and Features section as an improvement to the latest version as the software. If enough people 'Like' the idea it'll get discussed as a addition for the future.

  • Sounds perfect.


    Give it a vote!

  • Good News for you of sorts... While we are not 'bringing them back' into the main VideoScribe product we have found a way to make them available to those who want them. So I have attached 4 scribes each of which has an original font within it. All you need to do is download the ones you need and import them into VideoScribe and that font will then be available for you. You will be restricted on character sets though to the original sets from v1.

    (55.5 KB)
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