Saving a scribe file

  • I have tried to publish my scribe file to FB and as a Powerpoint presentation but it doesnt appear on my Fb page - is there another way to get my file and share it online?

  • If you are a free trial user, Youtube is another option. If you are a pro user, youtube is an option and you can render a video to your hard drive and then upload it manually to facebook.

    If you think that the scribe is failing to save due to a problem with the scribe , then you should save the scribe (work file) online and tell customer support the name of it so they can provide suggestions.

    If you are seeing any error messages, be sure to mention them.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Vicki, the Facebook upload process comes in 3 parts... first VideoScribe will make the video, then you enter your Facebook account info, then it uploads the Video. Will say Log-in Successful after part 2 but it's atill uploading so if you press the X in the bottom left that will stop the upload. You will get an 'upload successful' pop-up when it's done. Are you seeing that? 

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