Please Help Me With The Zoom Feature?

  • Hello. I'm new to videoscribe and I made my first scribe for a client. It came out nice.  However, I'm not understanding how to use the zoom feature.  I've read articles on it, play with it on my computer and watched the video, and still I don't understand.

    For instance, if I want that thing to stand out, do I set the camera position for all the other objects on the screen?  If so, then how do I "zoom" to make the other object stand out?  When I press the plus and minus signs, everything either zooms in or out. 

    Also, how do I make it look like waterr is pouring out of a cup?  How do I make check marks and how do I make circles around a word?  thanks.  This is a terrific community. 

  • Each element has 1 camera position, You can set it manually by positioning the camera where you want it (zoom in/out and move up/down/left/right) and clicking the "set camera" icon or you can let videoscribe use a default setting which may not work they way you want it to.

    You are moving the camera, not individual elements, so you cannot zoom one item closer without moving all of the surrounding items closer at the same time. Imagine that all the elements are laying on a white marker board, you can zoom the camera in or out, but all of the elements will remain "grouped" together because they are all attached to the same canvas. However, you could zoom in and center the camera on one image so that it gets the viewers attention.

    If you want the water to be animated in videoscribe then you will have to use an animated gif that you have found or made yourself (or possibly you can figure out a way to do it with morphing but that might be harder than the animated gif). Or you might be able to add some types of special effects to your video in a video editing program like aftereffects. If you don't know how to make animated gifs you may want to search for tutorials or find a gif online or hire someone to make one.

    If you can't find check marks and circles in the image library you can make them in inkscape or illustrator. Check the instant answers section for tutorials on making your own images.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Shailisha, 

    To Zoom in on an item. or at least give that effect you can use morph. You can overlay a larger copy of the image over the original and morph between the 2. I have attached a scribe to show you how to do that.

    I have also done a quick example of check boxes and circles around words as well.

    As for the running water then yes a .GIF is probably the best way but a quick way again is attached

    Hope you find them useful and feel free to copy/paste the items into your own slides!

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