Can't save scribe video

  • I spent more than three hours to create a video, but when I tried to save download it, the app suddenly crashed. I tried to open it thousand times, but it just loading and then crashed again. How to fix this? I desperately need to download the video T.T
  • Asma, without seeing the scribe it's hard to be completely sure and if you would like us to take a proper look please save your scribe it to your online cloud folder and send us it's name. 

    However on the information you gave me I would say that you probably have a fair few larger imported images in your scribe and are using effects or extreme zoom (outside the 10%-1000% range) on some of your camera positions. This causes a lot of memory usage and can cause the scribe to crash.

    If that's the case then you need to make sure your scribe is set as close to 100% zoom as possible throughout the camera positions and this will reduce the memory usage and increase performance.

  • I am facing same problem. My zoom level is good and I do not want to save my work to cloud. App crashed again and again and I lost my work 3 times. Only 6 min video takes 2+ hour to get export even too that crashed. 

  • When I change my scribe and save as .scribe file with me then it is saving my old work only not the changes. Really strange. What is the use of saving to .scribe file in that case if it is not saving my changes? This is a critical bug in app.

  • Hi Nancy,

    I'm not sure why you don't want to save it to the cloud, but you will either need to save it to the cloud (and tell customer support the name of it) or save it as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want anyone to help you figure out what needs to be changed to make it work correctly.

    Any time you save a .scribe file, videoscribe makes the.scribe file as a copy of the last saved version, not the currently open version. It is not a bug but I agree that it is also not intuitive. They ought to provide a popup message that makes this process clear any time someone makes a .scribe while a project is open.  Save your work first, then save it again as a .scribe file.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hello I'm also struggeling with saving my viedoscribe video. 

    I removed the audio so I hoped to be able to save it online.

    And I even saved it to a local folder, which isn't there either.

    So everytime I change sth in my video I can't save it.

    Could you please help me?


  • If you have many fonts imported in videoscribe, delete them from within videoscribe. They use up memory.

    You could try removing some of the images with large file sizes, and then try to save again.

    I think that most videoscribe problems are a result of something mentioned in this thread: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I can't save my file and it is only just over two minutes. I can't send it to the cloud either.


  • Hi,
    If you have an mp3 voiceover or music file, that is saved separately as well as imported into the project, try removing the mp3 from the project and then saving the project.  Then add the mp3 back in and save the project again.  I believe I have read about that working in some cases.

    related link: Unable to Save Scribes

    If the voiceover was recorded in videoscribe and you do not have it as a separate mp3 file you may not want to delete it because it will be lost. If you are using music from the videoscribe music library, you can safely remove it from the project and save and then add the music again.

    If you have many unused fonts imported into videoscribe, remove the ones that you are not using from videoscribe, they can use up memory that might be needed for other functions.

    If you have 1 or more images imported that have very large file sizes, you may need to delete them and replace them with smaller copies that have been optimized for lower file sizes.

    various other possible contributing factors are discussed in this related link: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

     -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hello, I will get rid of the music and try that solution. I do have a couple of files that were imported and might affecting the production (just tow pics) If this is the problem then videoscribe may once again become useless to me as it is not made for professionals if you can't use these files.

    I quit using videoscribe for awhile because it was limited in its creation options but the newer versions are better

    If I have to reduce the size of the files once again videoscribe may become useless as it would not be made for professional use.

    Guess I had better go into admin and make sure it does not automatically renew


  • Not everyone wants to optimize their source materials for use in the SVG animation tool, its true.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Okay so now I am pissed. I deleted the audio as a possible solution that I retrieved from previous comments. Then I tried to save and it appeared to be successful. Then since it had been saved I hit the arrow to go back to my account and guess what. NO VIDEO It was completely lost.


  • Hi Chris,

    If you were editing a scribe that was created a while ago, make sure you look further along the list of saved scribes to make sure it's not just further down the list than you expected. Also, make sure the scribe is not in your online scribes directory.

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