Images to appear in parallel

  •  Is there a way to make images appear in parallel?  I want to:

    1. Clock ticking away - image of clock face being drawn.

    2. Draw person seated at computer, thinking pose - in parallel while clock ticking away.

    3. Showing post-it notes appearing while clock showing and person sitting at computer thinking.

    Is this possible?  If not, can I simulate this somehow?

  • You can make an SVG or PNG of the clock to be drawn and make an animated gif for the clock ticking. Make the person and the post it notes separate SVG images.

    1) draw the SVG clock then add the animated gif clock (with a zero draw time) exactly on top of the static one (animated clock must have an opaque background to cover the static one)
    2) while the animated clock continues to tick, draw the person.
    3) while the clock continues ticking, add post it notes.

    Hope that makes sense,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Aside from that, there is not really a way to make two or more images draw simultaneously in videoscribe. You could possibly make one video of the first image drawing and make another video of the second image drawing and another video of the third image drawing and then composite the animations in a video editing program so the images appear to be drawn at the same time.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike, Thank you for your response.  It does make sense, in a way.  Now, I just have to figure out how to animate a GIF!  By the way, I am using the canned images in videoscribe - the clock and the post-it notes are available there.  Now, I need to figure out the GIF animation thing - never done that.

    Thanks for your help.


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