Pause before animation

  • Hi,

    If you could consider adding a "time before animation" so that if i were transitioning to a new space on the screen, and didn't want it to start animating right away, this could be accomplished. Right now I have to enter a blank image, transition to it, then set a pause time, with 0 animation.

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  • Yes, please add the ability to show the blank page for a second or so before the hand jumps in and starts writing. That would be very helpful.


  • Is this not something that is built in? I need this in the project I'm working on.

  • Hi,
    With all versions of videoscribe up to and including 2.3.7, you need to add an extra element if you wish to create a pause either at the very beginning of a scribe or immediately before any other element is drawn:

    1) add any element to the canvas (preferably something with a small file size).
    2) set the hand to "no hand" and set the opacity to zero percent.
    3) set your animation, pause and transition times as desired to create the amount of pause you want
    4) continue making the rest of your project as usual.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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