Import SVG file and fill colour

  • I'm having trouble with getting my SVG files exported from illustrator to perform as I require.

    I wanted to achieve the look of this video, where illustration is drawn and then filled with colour. I followed all steps I read in previous discussions but still doesn't work properly and I'm quite tight in time.

    First, I think there id s problem with Pencil tool  stroke point, I mean any strokes above 0.5 are outlined before filled although I'm not using the fill, just the stroke as stated in the steps.

    Also, the coloured areas are being weirdly drawn, I drew them with Brush stroke.

    My file consists of only two layers. I wonder what could the problem be, I'd be grateful if you take a look on my file analyze the SVG files and provide with help on how to achieve that look like in that video where illustration is drawn and later filled with colour. (The video is "the illustrated history of twitter").

    Please I await an answer from you ASAP. 


  • You may find our Create your own images page useful and also this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation including the fill process in quite a bit of detail.

    You have not attached your SVG and your scribe is not saved to your online account so I can't take a look myself but have a look at that video and if you are still struggling then attach your SVG and we take a look.

  • Well Barry,

    I think I have done all steps mentioned and I still get not the same result. I'm not sure what's wrong?

    I have saved it online under the name S2, if you could check it please and let me know what has gone wrong?


  • (since you are tight on time, you may also want to attach the SVG to your next reply if you want help from other users)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • attached here is an illustration from the file in SVG format

    (254 KB)

  •  Hi,

    This doesn't seem to have the exact problem that you described but it definitely has problems. There appear to be about 4 lines made with the pencil tool at the top of her head and one at the bottom of her shirt. Videoscribe draws those correctly.

    Everything else in that SVG appears to have been made with the paint brush tool (or maybe the pencil tool with some kind of brush style setting that produces tapered ends). Even the transparent lines that are intended to reveal the color are paint brush lines instead of pencil drawn paths. Therefore after the five stroked pencil paths are drawn, the rest just appears all at once.

    My guess is that you switched to the paintbrush tool to get tapered lines. If you use brush strokes, you have to make duplicates of the brush strokes and convert the duplicates to  "basic" transparent stroked paths as described here:

    If you are struggling with the steps, you might want to experiment with a simpler shape like a circle until you figure out what you are doing wrong and correct it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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