Rendering is Painfully slow (RR-793)

  • If you have more VideoScribe work to do which will render your project for you so you can start working on the next one. It emails you when the video is ready and you can download a 1080mp4 file once it's completed.

    VideoScribe is a locally installed app and does not render via the cloud (unless you send the project to so it doesn't use your machine).

  • SLOW rendering still. 48 core AMD Ryzen Threadripper with 32Gb of memory clocked to 4.5Ghz.

    Videoscribe is using 4% of CPU power. Output is 1920x1080 PNG sequence.

    This is NOT a multicore piece of software so don't expect fast rendering. Not really any faster than my 5 year old i7.

    Guess that's because it's running on an outdate platform - Adobe Air - that's only partially supported by Adobe now.

    Let's take it the tool online team!!!!

  • Can Rendering be quicker. I can see my system resources are properly utilised by the software.  Only 15% are utillized..

  • Sorry under utilised

  •  Folks, I have to agree with the sentiment here. You really need to fix the rendering issue. Your software isn't working and to continue to not address this issue is both dishonest and, frankly, fraud. Folks, this tread has been running since 2015. Do you think that doesn't say something? Your program does not work as promised. I just signed up to a year's subscription and straight out of the box with a short 4-minute video, it's not rendering, i.e., just hangs saying rendering complete) after taking nearly an hour and there's no file to be found anywhere on my computer.  I have a brand new IMac with 80gb of ram.

  • Although they announced an improvement in rendering speed last year (as mentioned earlier in this thread), there is certainly still room for more improvement.

    Having said that:
    1) at the time of this post, some other current threads recommend updating to the newest version of videoscribe, as I believe the previous one had a rendering bug. So make sure you are using the current version.     
    2) some users do things to their projects that slow down the rendering process or cause it to fail. You might want to raise a support ticket and save your 4 minute project to the cloud, or export it as a .scribe file and attach it here. If you decide to continue using videoscribe, you woould benefit from learning to use it efficiently for maximum ease and speed.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I was happy with my first experience with Videoscribe. Creating a video with it was fun... until I started to render my scribe.

    It's a 6-minute video, and taking more than an hour to render. I was horrified!

    And I have tried using to do that. Worse. It's been 3 hours and I only see a progress wheel that spins forever. I don't even know if it's making any progress.


  •  I am following up with the comment above implying that the fault of slow rendering is a result of 'users do[oing] things to their projects that slow down the rendering process or cause it to fail.' This issue isn't with using this software incorrectly nor is it because users are doing things that 'break the rendering.' I can only speak for myself but I am using this software correctly, I have raised 'support tickets', I have exported my projects as .scribe files, and I have updated repeatedly each time a new version becomes available. Sorry, but I know how to use this software efficiently.  The problem is a serious lack of performance not only with the rendering but with the program itself, especially if one tries to use this software for anything more sophisticated than a 60 second or so blurb or holiday greeting or company flyer or birthday 'shout out.' What I would benefit from is a software program that isn't continuously riddled with bugs, inconsistent performance, and absolutely dismal rendering turnaround. I do realize that no software program is perfect, that bugs happen, that upgrades with operating systems, etc., cause unforeseen problems. But a program that doesn't even perform as a minimal level of reliability isn't acceptable, especially for those of us who have paid for this software.

  • Rendering time is terribly slow!

    Guys, you have to do something about it.

  •  Again, I would like to confirm--at least my own experience--that rendering to a local device is impossibly slow--more so for any video that is longer than a minute or two or is attempting to use this program as a tool for instruction. So, I've given up completely since I need the 'current standard' resolution output. I'm simply sending off all my videos to Sparkol for rendering. Turnaround time is unpredictable and sometimes the final product doesn't always come back in the same shape you had sent on. But it's close enough to 'doctor' in Adobe Rush. There is much in this program to praise but, sadly, not nearly enough to make up for its severe underperformance in key areas of actual use.

  • Yeah, I cancelled my subscription after two years of sluggish experience, mostly because of the painfully slow rendering. PowerPoint does a far better job than VideoScribe when it comes to exporting the video, for heaven' sake. It uses all cores and threads!

    PowerPoint: 1 minute video export 1080p with imported images (lots), transitions and 192k audio in each slide: 2 minutes! Videoscribe, same scenario: 42 minutes!! Just no no no. I produced a 9 minute video for a course I wanted to make all in VS (being a whiteboard animation software) and it took 7 hours to render. Seriously.

    I won't even mention other whiteboard animation software.

    And I can assure you, I've always followed the "best practice" and suggestions by VS staff: lowering base res, importing images at a lower res, using less transitions, (and frankly all this kneecaps your software's potential), but it doesn't make enough of a difference.

    It's a pity because VideoScribe offers a lot for little money, but TIME is too precious in 2020! And online rendering is not a solution for many who are making business related or HR related videos, and need to keep them offline. See you.

  • I'm a new user on here,  but just wanted to share my frustration with the ridiculously long rendering times for videos, a 5min video that ONLY uses video scribe content takes ages, i'm really disappointed, it makes the program almost useless if you actually want to do what the videoscribe home page says when its selling you the tool-  it says and I quote  "Make your own whiteboard video fast" - seriously its anything but. I've brought a years subscription and i'm very disappointed. I'll probably only use it for really small clips from now on, and im going to have to have dedicated machine for it as I cant sit and wait forever...  as an aside -   I was demonstrating it enthusiastically to my colleagues when I first got it and they were impressed and itching to purchase it.... until I started to render the file.... none of them want it now.  Such a shame. 

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong?  I ONLY want to download / create direct to my machine I do not want to share or send the files elsewhere, i'm assuming its not rendering locally as the machine its on isn't slow.  

  • @Geoff Carr I don’t think that’s because you’re doing something wrong. Rendering is just SLOW. And from what I’ve read in this forum, the Videoscribe team seems to think this is OK as they provided the remote rendering option using — which, by the way, can take hours to complete too. We users just have to expect this and plan our work accordingly. I will just finish my animation creation and submit it to for rendering overnight. At the same time, pray that I didn’t make any mistake in my animation, knowing how painful it is to start another round of rendering. It’s 2020 and of course this is acceptable.
  • Well done, Videoscribe.  I made a 2 mins video and after 24 hrs, it is still rendering. Come, I clap for you. 

  • (You can attach a .scribe file here, or save your project online, and raise a ticket if you would like customer support to help you identify opportunities for improving your projects render speed.)

    If you don't want anyone to look at your project, you may be able to use the suggestions in the link provided below to identify problematic aspects and improve them.
    Consider watching the tutorial videos on the instant answers page and/or reading the following thread to determine how you can improve your project creation process: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes failure to render (or slow rendering) and other problems.

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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