Rendering is Painfully slow (RR-793)

  • Hi Guys,

    I just purchased a videoscribe, 1-month subscription (thank god), rendering speed is awfully slow! I cant live with this. 3-minute video took whooping 3 hours to produce.

    Please provide a fix for this!


  •  Salin Dabra, if you raise a ticket and save your project online, Customer support can probably help you pinpoint what is causing the slowdown.

  •  Sorry, but it really is terribly dishonest to try and create (and continue to propagate) the impression as if the issue here is a tech support issue. Or a user side difficulty or a lack of understanding on how to use your program correctly.  It isn't either. It's about an ongoing, unaddressed issue for several years now (e.g., impressively dismal backend system resources) that renders this program incredibly useless for most of us who might use your product for something more than a fancy birthday card or advert.  An issue that we only learn about after we have bought a subscription. 

  • Hi,
    It's not my product. I'm just a user who offers advice in a public forum because I've been using Videoscribe for about 7 years, and I have learned how to mitigate, avoid, or resolve many/most of the problems that people discuss here.

    Videscribe has room for improvement, but I can't personally change Videoscribe's programming. What I can do is help users with the learning curve, so that is where I focus my efforts. I provide suggestions and information based on years of my own experience, research, and troubleshooting, and based on feedback from other users.

  •  Right. Your response came across perfectly in tune with (and almost a carbon copy to) typical responses from tech support. So, my mistake there. However, being a 7-year user, you, of all people, should be fully aware of exactly my point--the dismal underperformance of a paid-for software, with a long-standing performance issue this company fails to either (a) fix or (b) inform potential users of before the fact of purchase. However, pretending  'user knowledge' is the solution to this issue is--if not dishonest--then somewhat disingenuous, although I suspect unintentional.  I do want to thank you for your willingness to try and help other users. My apologies. My frustration isn't aimed at you. It's aimed at those who make--and market--this program. 

  •  Holy crap, this is atrocious. I tried the trial to do a 10 min long presentation and rendering will take ALL DAY.

    I will NEVER buy or use this software ever again. 5 freaking years to fix this and all Mike Metcalf does is repeat nonsense about creating a support ticket lmao

  • It's almost two years ago that I proposed a workaround for this ridiculous problem. To offer a full screen mode while running inside videoscribe. Even if this would be displayed at the same size as it's now without anything on the screen together with our presentation it would be so much better than what we have now. We could use a free capture and rendering program. The investment to do this for you is minimal. Hire some guy from India to do that for you for a bargain if you want. I'm a developer myself and I know this request is very simple. Instead you do nothing for years. Pisses me off and many of your customers as well. Shame on you.
  • There are lots of comments on this one but not many votes, remember to 'Like' the original post to vote for this idea as these are what get counted when we look at the most popular requests.

    We're always working on improving VideoScribe and the product team consider all sorts of things when deciding what to work on next. Feature forum votes is one, we'll also look at customer usage data, other areas of customer feedback and our own ideas to name a few.

    We do make the product team aware of your feedback so they have the full picture and can prioitise where they focus their efforts.  Completely understand that it's frustrating when something you want is either not selected or does not come quickly though. 

    Also... please don't blame your frustration on Mike. It's not his fault, he's a helpful member of the community sharing his experience from a long time using VideoScribe. All the Sparkol staff on the forum will have an ADMIN label next to their name

  •  Honestly, Barry. What's frustrating is this continuing nonsense (i.e, votes or likes) about a clearly ongoing issue--and has been for far longer than it should be--and the continued downplaying of this issue, as clearly demonstrated in your comment above. If, in fact, your product team--from the sound of it mostly comprised of marketers--is not aware of this CONTINUING ISSUE that renders this program mostly unusable in any real sense, then it's either gross incompetence on the part of your developers or gross indifference on the part of those responsible for devoting sufficient enough backend resources necessary to make this program useable. Sorry, but if you want to pay me to do your 'beta testing' and to make suggestions in terms of improving this program, that's a different story altogether. Sorry, again, but what's frustrating is when Mike keeps giving the same advice, which, again, always implies the problem is on the users' end and that his advice of sending a 'support ticket' is a waste of everyone's time. So, since you have advertised yourself to be an ADMIN. I have two questions for you. First, why is it taking hours and hours to render relatively short videos? Second, what steps are you ADMINS taking to fix this problem.

  •  Hi,

    Thanks for the nice shout-out Barry!

    Just to clarify for anyone reading this thread:

    1) All users probably agree that Videoscribe's rendering needs to be faster and more stable. I KNOW! I KNOW! I can't fix that, so I don't always comment on it!

    2) If you are here, I can probably help you render your project successfully, or faster, so you don't have to wait for a new version of videoscribe. That is where I focus my energy when I visit the forums. It doesn't mean I "blame" you for anything. It just means I can help. I think I've been using videoscribe since 2013, so I am familiar with it.

    3) I have offered a LOT of personalized help and troubleshooting in threads where people seemed receptive to it. If I don't have enough free time, or if someone seems very hostile or unwilling to participate in their own improvement, I may simply recommend a support ticket instead of offering personalized help. Support tickets are a useful tool for anyone willing to participate in the resolution of their problem.

    This thread is a particularly heated one. Please continue to insist on program changes... but ALSO be receptive to training and tips that are offered!  If anyone would like to attach their .scribe file here I will try to help them make it work better, if and when I have free time.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • It is so sad after reading all these messages about slow rendering. I tried the 7-day trial and was deciding if I should continue with the subscription because I really loved what I created until I got to the rendering. I am not a techy person but was able to do this on my own but in this busy world, Time is Gold. If there is a way to tell or warn users to resize the picture or limit the animation to avoid consuming too much time rendering, then it might ease the painstakingly way too looooooong time rendering. Anyway, I’ve decided not to subscribe and it is really sad because it is a good video-maker. Maybe if rendering time improved, but I wonder if it will because this problem has been in existence since processor is 2.6 GHz intel Core i7 memory 16GB. I have an external drive where I save all my files. Not sure if my laptop is the problem.
  • May I ask how long is the project, how long was rendering taking, and would you like assistance?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  •  Barry, we are still waiting for a response from ADMINs about the continued dismal rendering performance of your product and the two questions I have raised above. You ADMINS have yet to openly acknowledge this issue in this forum (as well as continue to hide behind Mike's repeated offers of assistance--which again implies the issue is on the end user's side. So, again: First, why is it taking hours and hours to render relatively short videos? Second, what steps are you ADMINS taking to fix this problem?

  • Thanks. Kevin, for voicing out. It's hard to believe this is an issue on the user's side if so many users are experiencing the same issue and the issue persists since (at least) 2015. 

    It's a lousy reason not to fix it just because "there is not enough votes in this discussion" -- I don't believe VideoScribe developers cannot reproduce the issue on their side. And this is a fundamental function that's slowing the users down. 

    A useful program to render videos is what we're paying for. It MUST NOT be such a painful process that so many people are complaining since years ago.  It's not only about the user experience, it's about the added workload when using this program.

    And Mike's repeated responses, although are out of good will to offer possible help, with all due respect, have been diluting the issue and suggesting this is an issue on the user's end -- it's not. What we should do instead is to get the VideoScribe's team to resolve this issue.

  • You know Mike,

    If you really care about this product, it would be so much better if your comments also included a strong support of our demand for seriously improving the rendering.

      Frankly, I really don't get why your not voicing that. 

    The result is that you come across to me as someone either completely out of touch with reality, or someone who is purposefully diluting the issue by playing down the seriousness of the problem and shifting the blame.

    You do that with an air you are here to help, but you do the exact opposite.  The only real help would be improving the product but your comments keep suggesting that this is not required.

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