Rendering is Painfully slow (RR-793)

  • I also think so.  So many people presented the same problem, and that is - huge time spent on rendering.

    Why fix it with temporary solution?  Or let users go around to solve this problem?  I actually love VideoScribe, but because of rendering issues, I will not subscribe.  I am on 7 days trial, and I only did 1 video and that's it.  Time consumed rendering turned me off.

  • Thanks Always MindTheGap,

    While I disagree with some of your points, I do agree that my troubleshooting offers have become a distraction from the main topic, which is about improving the program.

    If the topic is important, LIKE the original post!

    -Mike(Videoscribe user)

  • Just want to add that I wish I would have come across this post during my trial period. Luckily I signed up for the monthly plan because I was still unsure if I would like VS after using it for a while. I am trying to export a 2 min video and it's been over an hour of waiting. Progress bar doesn't move and when trying to upload to cloud on I get a short code doesn't exist error. Had I known that exporting was going to be total garbage I would have gone with one of the other whiteboard animation tools. Only purchased VS 2 days ago and I'm going to try to get a refund before canceling.

  •  Same problem here, rendering for hours for a ten minutes video...i'm very annoyed..

  • This doesn't makes sense at all, how can a 24 seconds video take 1 hour to render in AVI format. This has been an issue since a very long time and the videoscribe team has refused to find a solution to it. After watching and learning so many tutorials and hours of effort i put into creating my videos, i am unable to publish/Download them on my computer.
  • Hey Raymond, short answer to that is it shouldn't. Take a look at this article which goes over all the most common reasons for performance issues as it could be that a simple change in the way you make projects could speed things up all over the place. If you can't find the answer there please raise a support ticket and save your project online so we can investigate. VideoScribe will average about 10 min of publishing per 1 minute of video so if it's dramatically longer than that then get in touch... Also, is a good option, won't be any quicker but the render is done on our servers so you can work on more edits, or your next project while you wait.

  •  Yes, Barry, that is exactly the point we have been saying now for months--if not years. "It's shouldn't" but it does. And, again, simply suggesting we should "raise a support ticket" wrongfully implies that the larger issue is always with the end-user--and not the program itself. Come on--taking more than 1 hour to render a 24-second video is absolutely ridiculous. But what is even more ridiculous is the fact that you Admins continue to ignore the dismal performance issues we have been raising for months.

  • Morning Kevin, Until we take a look at the project we can't really say what the issue is. If you can save the project online and include the name of it in the ticket we'll download it and take a closer look. Could be a an imported element that VideoScribe is struggling with, could be a technical issue in the application, could be a tweak to the way the project is made could really help performance? Getting eyes on your projects and running some tests is really the only way to know for sure, otherwise it's all speculation.

  •  Barry, I was referring to the example above offered by Raymond. I'm sorry but it's not a question of speculation. Or, again, problems we create on this end. It is a question of performance and the dismal lack of performance when it comes to rendering videos. In short, your program isn't useful in any meaningful way. And, while we are on the point, it is riddled with quirks and inconsistencies within the 'design' interface that causes users to waste tons of time. Or projects altogether. For example, I save projects to my local drive and when I recall them, they show earlier versions than the one I had saved to my local drive. And then having to send these projects to VideoScribe for analysis takes even more time. Or I try and save current versions to the VideoScribe cloud and the project simply hangs. Sorry, this isn't speculation. This is what is happening. And it is was has been happening.

  • Hi guys. I already open a ticket regarding this. Unfortunately, I start to look at another tool because my video process is taking ours. The rendering process is getting worse every day when I need to use. I'm rendering now at 00:35 UK time and just waiting and waiting (crashed the first time). The people from the support are always amazing and I know they are trying to do their best by this part of the software really needs to be improved.

    I hope they improve this as soon as possible.

    Thank you.


    Leonardo Bissoli.

  • I’m here now! I’ve subscribed for an yearly plan today, and feeling that I choose a bad product. Rendering a 5 minute video is taking 30 minutes in my high spec laptop. 16gb RAM, i7 10gen, 4gb graphic card. What more do you want to render? Why is so slow? Wondering how it is not addressed, this thread is 6 years old!!!!!
  • Hi Boosan Babu. The product overall is good and doesn't really matter your spec because the render is Cloud based. "Why is so slow" is a really good question that I'm waiting for the answer as well. From when I've started to use since November/2020 as today the render process is getting worse unfortunately.

    I hope they fix this as soon as possible.

  •  I face the same issue, so I would like to look for someone to turn to for help, and I've seen this topic. It seems there isn't expected answer yet for more than 6 years.

    VideoScribe takes about 20 minutes to render a 50 seconds video, without using any image. My computer was built for running  AI model, with 16 GB RAM, 6 GB graphic card.

  • Great job me...

    Got a yearly subscription plan only to find out there is a 6 year old issue that isn't fixed.

    I am rendering a 18min video now for hours...

    This is not a sustainable situation.

    This will be the last plan with Videoscribe for me.

    Otherwise, I really like the software.

    But the rendering time is not acceptable.

  • hi there can someone please help me I'm rendering a 2 min video for almost 6 hours and it's not finished, I have the last MacBook Pro with 16 Gb ram! I really like the program but thank god didn't subscribe

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