Rendering is Painfully slow (RR-793)

  • Faced a video rendering problem. I have macbook pro 14, made a rather long video. The time is about 30 minutes, I read the forum and set up parallel output locally and online to Unfortunately, the locally outputted file in mov format turned out to be broken and cannot be played (now rendering in avi), and it has been loaded on the site for about 50 hours and still isn't finished yet. It seems to me that such render times are just abnormal. Moreover, the MacBook does not feel the load - a question of optimization in application.

  • Please make sure you raise a support ticket if you are having issues with specific projects. Save the project online and include the name in the ticket and we'll take a look for you.

  • I created a video about 30 minutes long. I already had a problem that the service is useless, since the previous video around 30 minutes long  that I tried to upload has been loaded there for 20 days.  But the previous video, 16 minutes long, was uploaded to the service without problems in 2 hours and I received a message  in email. 

    Following all the recommendations, yesterday I optimized the images and set the upload to and locally in the mov format. Local rendering took a long time, started at 2 pm and finished at 1 am. As a result, the video in the mov format does not open. Uploading to writes Publishing ... Hang in there. Your video will be ready soon. It is impossible to track progress. link

    I really like the program and its interface, but the problems that I face for my own money upset me. Due to the flaws in the program, I cannot publish the video on YouTube on time. Please help and assist in the prompt solution of the problem.

    the only working option is rendering in avi format, but it takes a very long time. This is not because of the laptop, since it does not feel any load at all, but because of the optimization of the program. I have a MacBook pro 14. Program version 3.9.5.

    Are there any restrictions on exporting video to mov format or uploading to the service? Length of video or whatever.

  • I had the same problem. Due to hours rendering to avoid loose my Youtube time I did another video offline using other video tool to achieve my goals which is very frustrating. I already open few tickets but the answer is the same.

  • Everyone,  this issue is one that has been consistent for the past 5 plus years. The admins are completely ignoring this problem. Raising tickets is an absolute waste of time.

  • Hello Mihail, I provided you with support yesterday on the ticket you had logged. The video rendered for me fine first time in around 3 hours which is about 5 minutes per minute of video. I have sent you a copy of your video via a file share site.

  • Barry - Do we send you our videos for you to help rendering every time, or there are better plans?

  • Joe - If you've followed the guidance around optimising images and avoiding extreme zoom and the videos are still taking more than the average 10 min per 1 min of video to publish then please log a ticket and we'll take a look.

  • Bought this last week. Rendering speed and the lag when recording audio are shockingly poor.

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