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  • Hello,

    My office has VideoScribe - I do not use it personally but am working closely with graphics team members who do. One day, while watching how slowly a video was rendering, I asked the designer if she was working off of her desktop or off of our server? She said server. So, as I understand, the audio and Illustrator files she's pulling into VS are on our server, I assume VS is installed directly on her desktop. 

    That strikes me as a horrible idea but thought I would check with you. Is it reasonable to expect significantly faster rendering if all the components are on one machine? 

    To give you an idea of how much time I'm talking about, we are creating 8-10 minute videos that take 4-6 hours to render - and I don't think that's even at the highest resolution.  


  • I'd estimate that anything over an hour is an excessive render time for an 8-10 min video (just an estimate though)

    There are many ways to improve rendering time by
    1) optimizing every type of image used
    2) using reasonable zoom percentages on each element
    3) avoid excessive changes in zoom between images
    4) grouping elements into a smaller area instead of a long spread out column or line
    5) appropriate quality settings instead of maximum.

    Lots of tips to be found by searching this site, if the actual videoscribe user is curious.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • additionally, a user can now use to render a video on SPARKOL's servers which allows the user to continue working on videoscribe on the local machine while the rendering is done at Sparkol.


  • As Mike said if rendering is taking time hit the 'Share Video Online' option when you publish and that'll upload the video to and will be rendered in the cloud. You can download from as an MP4 as well after.

    With regards importing images from servers into VideoScribe effecting the render. It wouldn't effect that in any way. Once you have loaded the image onto the canvas it's saved within the .scribe file and that's where it's rendered from. The location should only effect the original import speed and if the images you use are of appropriate size (not huge!) and your network is of reasonable speed you won't even notice a difference.

    Rendering just takes time I'm afraid, lots of different code and bits to check on each element within the timeline and you can pack a lot of elements into a few minutes of video.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Rendering remotely would help tremendously so that we can keep working as that's happening. 

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