SVGs are being drawn in in segments

  • Hello Videoscribe!

    I am on my 4th big scribe project, however on this one I have started importing my SVGs (made in Inkscape 0.91 with default svg settings) and the images are being drawn in in patches. 

    In the first attached screengrab, there are chunks missing from this hairline, beard and forehead wrinkles where they should be continuous lines. The second screengrab shows the finished character, for better understanding of what is missing from the first image.

  • If you post your .SVG file, we can take a look at it for you.

  • thank you!!

    (20.8 KB)
  • There are 2 or more paths in there that seem to do nothing but cause the problem you described.

    specifically, path 3378, path 4274 (maybe a couple others that aren't as noticable)

    remove those and you should be fine.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you so much!!!! Sure enough they all pop up in outline mode! Should have been the first thing I checked! 

  • Hmm spoke too soon. Still having the same issue after removing those paths. Maybe inkscape is retaining some memory of those lines.

  • After you fix the SVG,
    then in videoscribe you have to load the new SVG
    (NOT the one that you see in the recently used images when you first open the "add image" menu, but from the location where the new file is stored on your hard drive.)
    If fact, I'd recommned giving it a different name to make sure you are importing the new one.


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