Paywall, Google Analystic und Clicks

  •  Hallo,

    i want to integrate the video into my website and use Google Analytics for counting the clicks. Who get´s the clicks on the video my website or VideoScribe ? Can the video run behind a paywall?

    Thank you.

  • Would you be embedding the video from an exported videofile that you have saved locally or from If it's from then will show the play but from the little I know from Google Analytics it should still detect the click through. 

    As for the paywall we have not done any testing for that at all. Again it would depend on how you implement it though. VideoScribe outputs a video file so this would work in the same way as you putting any video file onto your webpage. If you embed the video from this would work in the same way as embedding a video for YouTube where it is essentially on a public website as well as yours with the paywall so could be accessed elsewhere.

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