Personal Library of Images (Feature Request)

  • Are there any plans to create a personal library storage space on our account? I would like to be able to store and access my own .svg images visually, rather than have to search for them on my computer and remember what they look like. Plus, that way I can move from computer to computer with ease.

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  • Thanks for the Idea Sarah, I've made the product and development teams aware of it so it can be considered. 

    If anyone else out there thinks this is good please give it a like so we can see how popular it is.

  • I'll second that request, please.
  • me too.


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  • This would be a great enhancement! 

  • Thanks for the suggestion, it's always great to see them.

    Do you find yourself moving to different machines with VideoScribe on a regular basis or is the major pain point here that it's difficult / tedious to locate SVGs you use on a regular basis?

    Elliot Blackburn

    Software Engineer

  • Hi Elliott

    It's a bit of both.  Mostly I would like to have a quick way to scan for the images I want, rather than have to store them locally on my computer(s).

    As far as I can tell with SVGs, there is isn't any image preview in Explorer, so having a library with thumbnails would be really helpful.

  • Hi,

    I fully agree that is would be an added value to VideoScribe. It would allow to win time.

  • Some people might find this useful:

    1) if you have a bunch of SVGs
    2) categorize them into groups of about 10 to 80 images each
    3) ut each group in a zip file with a name that indicate the type of images
    (for example,
    4) in videoscribe you can view each of those zip files just like a library folder on the image import menu

    keep all your zip files in one folder on your computer for easy access.
    you can use a USB drive to easily transferr them to another computer if necessary
    you can google search for tips about using zip files if you are not familiar with them. I think both PC and mac have some kind of zip capability built-in

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • That's a good suggestion Mike and exactly what we do when people buy images from SVG Studio. The bungle comes down in themed folders within a ZIP to make them easier to search through

  • Thanks for the good suggestions.  However, I would still like to have a way to store my images in the base library, so they can be accessed from any computer at any time.  

  • Agreed and this feature request is still very much live and active so keep voting... they are just suggestions to make the best of what is available at the moment

  • Thanks, Barry.  In the meantime, I will harness the awesome power of ZIP!

  • Putting assets in a single zip would be much more useful if the zip persisted in the library list, if only for a single session. The the user could import the zip once at the start of the editing session and access all the stored images. Without persistence it is not much better than importing images individually.

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