Simple Colored Balls

  • I am trying to add simple colored balls as electrons to a pic of an atom. There seem to be nothing under circles that you can color, balls (all sports) and any other search item I have tried.  I know they must be there. What am I missing?

  • I'd suggest a google image search for :

    blue circle PNG (if you want png images)
    blue circle SVG (if you want svg images)

    or whatever colors you want.

    Or you can use inkscape or illustrator to make simple circle SVG images

    Good luck!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike,

       I should have put that I tried that. The problem is they seem to have extraneous parts to the dots which make the dot in the middle of a square. I've worked on it and think I can manage the size to minimize the problem.  Thanks so much for answering. I am just learning Videoscribe and LOVE it!


  • Eileen, if you want something a little more perfect you could create your own SVG of an atom by getting a Google Image of it and drawing over the top in something like Inkscape

    Inkscape tutorial

  • OMG that was SO easy!  Thank you, thank you!


  • No Problem, happy to help!

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