What is the ideal image resolution?

  • It's possible that many people just like to add whatever image they have at whatever size and resolution they have. I've found that can be problematic not just in Sparkol but with other software.

    So, for Sparkol and TAWE what is the ideal resolution and image size in Pixels per Inch, assuming I want to maintain a constant 'zoom factor' and use .JPG or ,PNG?

    Also, bear in mind that my videos are used in training and viewed on laptop monitors as well as HD TV (which I know very little about).

    I think this will make the quality more consistent, and the answer may help me reduce video file sizes.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • To improve the image quality and consistancy you can set the default image quality for the software. This has a maximum on 4000px.

    If it's consistency you're after then I would set this to the level of the lowest image you are importing in the scribe as it will reduce all other images to that level when they are imported.

    With regards Tawe I don't know the answer to this I'm afraid but when our developers have a free moment I am going to get them to check. We've had a similar question on the Tawe forum recently and when I have that answer I will post it there so follow that forum post and you'll get a notification when I have the answer 

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