Long scribe taking a while to publish on sho.co

  • Hi there! I just finished a 7-minute scribe, and have published it to sho.co, but it's been about half an hour and I'm still seeing the "Hang in there, your video will be published soon" message on the page. Is the video actually being rendered for publishing (this might well take a while)? Is there a queue? Is there some way to get some feedback from sho.co as to whether there is a problem (which will keep the scribe from being published at all), or as to how long I can expect it to take for the video to be published?



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  •  And...never mind! Here it is. Thanks again!


  • Hello! The render takes a similar time to rendering locally so for bigger scribes will take a while. We've set it up to email you when it's done so you don't have to keep checking back.

  • Do I have to stay logged in while my video is rendering?


  • No not at all, once it's been sent our servers do the rest

  • When change a text element to a chart, while I can easily position it in the order I want on the drawing canvas, in actuality it places my changes at the end of the bottom editing tray. Then when I play the scribe, it's all messed up. Is there any way to fix this without starting all over again with a new scribe? I'm used to being able to cluck and drag Keynote or ppt slides to where I want .
  • Hi,
    If I understand correctly, when you add a text element, it goes to the end of your timeline and you want to move it to an earlier position in the timeline.

    You can cluck and drag timeline elements in videoscribe (unless you are experiencing some kind of out-of-memory related trouble).

    If you mean something else, please describe it more clearly.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi, Thank you for the help. To explain more clearly, I'm asking how to reposition frames in the bottom portion of a scribe, where you have mini pictures of what's on the canvas. Are you saying those frames can be moved around?
  • Hello again, I'm good - it's working for me now. Thanks again!
  • I just created my first Tawe - it's 90 seconds long - and it's still publishing (its been going for a hour).

    How does one tell if its a issues on sho.co - or if there is something wrong on my PC end?


    Also don't see a way to publish from Mobile - or I would have tried that

  • Audrey, the publishing is all done on Sho.co and not your computer so once you see the upload bar go across the screen and get the 'Success! Your video is published' window appear it's been submitted and your computers work is done! If you let me know the shortlink of your video happy to take a look at the Sho.co queue and see if there is an issue with it.

  • I've been trying to upload some videos on Sho.co since yesterday evening and none of them finished uploading. Is there a problem with this platform? Two days ago was working fine, video uploaded within minutes, now I wait a whole day for a minute long video?


  • I have a 4 Minute video uploading through sho.co and it has taken 1 up to 20hrs already and when 

    I tried to revise it to shorten it, thinking it was because of the length, the other has now gone over 4hrs. 

    I was working on a project for work and I thought I would have instant or at least available access within a hr after creating. Is this normal? 

  • Not normal we had a issue on the site yesterday. We put some extra resources in place to clear the backlog so your videos should all be there now. If you are still missing videos post the shortlinks here and I will be able to find them our end and update you with their progress.

  • Awesome Barry! I have them now! THANKS!!! WHEW!!! Appreciate your timely investigation! 

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