• Please go to the diccionary on find what means  "cabezadura" in Spanish

    Over 400-500 million o peolple speks Spansih: Spain- Mexico- Argentina- Colombia-Peru- Chile- Bolivia-Uruguay-Paraguay -Panama-Venezulea-Honduras- Salvador-Nicaragua-Guatemala-Costa Rica  on so on.....

    And you insist to offer  our products only in English!!!!!!

    Best regards  Mario

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  • Mario, what is it you would be most interested in seeing in Spanish? The menu buttons in App? Our Help Site? Our Training Videos? 

    We have tried to make the menu options as graphical as possible in the application and keep language down to a minimum to make the product as universal as possible. Obviously Google Translate does us a great service when it comes to the help pages. One thing we are considering though is getting subtitles or a voiceover translation on some of our training videos and seeing how popular these are.

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